How to purchase?

We highly recommend you to create an account, so that you can view all the domain names at once and you don't need to reveal them one by one. If you don't want to sign up however, please follow the below the instructions.

  1. Click on the Reveal button next to your chosen domain and we will send you the full domain name via email, so you'll have a chance to look into the metrics and backlink profile for yourself.
  2. If you then decide to buy a domain click on the ’Purchase now!’ link in the email and you will be redirected to the order form. Please note that we accept only Paypal at this point and you have 1 hour to make the payment. After that the domain will become available again in the marketplace. We will send you the invoice within one business day.
  3. When we received the payment we will send you the detailed instructions on how to take ownership of your new domain. You will receive your domain in a new registrar account, so you can start to use it immediately.

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